HID I&L Tag Sample Kit

HID I&L Tag Sample Kit

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HID I&L Tag Sample Kit
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This kit contains a representative sample of the industrial RFID tags offered by HID Global. All tags in this kit are fully operational with standard based reader equipment on LF, HF or UHF. All tags with HF MIFARE® or iCODE SLIx chip may also be used with certain NFC enabled smartphones. MIFARE® UL and NTAG chips comply with NFC Forum tag type 2. HID Trusted Tag® and NXP MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 chips comply with NFC Forum tag type 4. iCODE SLIx and Vigo™ chips comply to NFC Forum tag type V when NDEF formatted.   ATEX certification of HID tags simplifies re-certification of an installation at customer site that involves RFID tags and ensures the tags will not act as an ignition source in potentially explosive environments. HID IN Tags, HID Logi Tags and HID Glass Tags are ATEX certified.   HID Global is member of the RAIN RFID UHF industry association. All HID UHF tags may be treated as RAIN tags.   Please note that alternative products of similar form factor, but with different chips or frequencies may have been put into this kit, compared to what is described as content in the following section. Contents:  
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