HID In Tag I-code SLIx 500 (No Logo) - 100 tags

HID In Tag I-code SLIx 500 (No Logo) - 100 tags

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HID In Tag I-code SLIx 500 (No Logo) - 100 tags
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IN Tag passive contactless RFID transponders deliver reliable performance in rugged conditions. Each heavy-duty IN Tag disc is highly water, chemical and shock resistant and withstands peak temperatures up to 140° C. High frequency (HF) discs offer anticollision technology for faster data processing, larger memory storage, and improved read ranges over LF IN Tag discs.. These tags are ATEX certified for safe use in potentially explosive environments. ATEX certification of HID tags simplifies re-certification of an installation at customer site that involves RFID tags and ensures the tags will not act as an ignition source in potentially explosive environments. Please click here to download the ATEX certificate for the HID IN Tag. This product is sold in packs of 100 pcs. Smaller order quantities are available on request. Please contact us. We offer price reductions on high order quantities, please contact us for further information. Features:    
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