HID On Metal PET Label 45x45mm NTAG213 - 100 pcs

HID On Metal PET Label 45x45mm NTAG213 - 100 pcs

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HID On Metal PET Label 45x45mm NTAG213 - 100 pcs
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EFFICIENTLY TAG LARGE QUANTITIES OF METALLIC ASSETS TO ENABLE POWERFUL RFID APPLICATIONS HID Global on-metal Inlays & Labels are small, thin self-adhesive NFC tags for on-metal use. These white PET labels are only 1.2 mm thin and may be encoded and printed in standard label printers to apply logos, bar-codes, QR codes or text. Their flexible special shielding allows application on flat or curved metallic objects like liquid containers, laptops, pipes or machinery. For industrial applications, HF on-metal labels enhance the speed and accuracy of inventory and process management systems. HID Global guarantees each individual RFID Inlay & Label tag will perform to specifications. Our quality assurance streamlines processing and encoding to keep your projects on time and on budget.   This product is sold in packs of 100 pcs. Smaller order quantities are available on request. Please contact us. We offer price reductions on high order quantities, please contact us for further information.  
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