HID Wet Inlay PET 18x57mm ICODE SLIx - 100pcs

HID Wet Inlay PET 18x57mm ICODE SLIx - 100pcs

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HID Wet Inlay PET 18x57mm ICODE SLIx - 100pcs
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HID Global Inlays & Labels are small, thin self-adhesive tags that allow discreet or overt placement. They are easily hidden behind a poster or display, or inside a product housing or package; or they may be imprinted with high-visibility graphics, attracting the attention of people with smartphones or other standard RFID readers. With Inlays & Labels in place, smartphonewielding customers can interact in real time with your brand. Wireless technology enables effortless transactions, engaging improved customer participation and satisfaction. HID Global guarantees each individual RFID Inlay & Label tag will perform to specifications. Our quality assurance streamlines processing and encoding to keep your projects on time and on budget.   EFFICIENTLY TAG LARGE QUANTITIES OF NON-METALLIC ASSETS TO ENABLE POWERFUL RFID APPLICATIONS   This product is sold in packs of 100 pcs. Smaller order quantities are available on request. Please contact us. We offer price reductions on high order quantities, please contact us for further information.  
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