iDTRONIC Hard Tag 79x31mm - 100 pcs

iDTRONIC Hard Tag 79x31mm - 100 pcs

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iDTRONIC Hard Tag 79x31mm - 100 pcs
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Код: ST-HT-79-UHF-G2XM
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The iDTRONIC Hard Tag UHF is a rugged RFID tag made of ABS material. It has been designed for warehouse and pallet applications. Standard mounting holes make attaching to pallets and boxes straightforward. The Hard Tags UHF are fully ultrasonic sealed and can also be used on metal surfaces. Chip: Alien Higgs 3 EPC Class1 Gen2 This product is sold in packs of 100 pcs. Smaller order quantities might be available on request. Please contact us. We offer price reductions on high order quantities, please contact us for further information.    
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