metraTec DeskID ISO RFID Desktop-Reader

metraTec DeskID ISO RFID Desktop-Reader

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metraTec DeskID ISO RFID Desktop-Reader
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The DeskID ISO is a compact HF RFID Reader/Writer for applications in an office or home environment. Typical applications are customer management (e.g. in video stores or fi tness studios), configuration of access control systems, e-ticketing as well as reading data from electronic identification documents (e-passports). The elegant, low profile housing fits on every desktop and enables every PC owner to read and write data on RFID transponders according to the protocol standards ISO 15693 and 14443B. The typical reading distance is between 5 to 10 cm, varying sligthly with the type of transponder. It is also possible to scan several tags at once, using the built-in anti-collision feature. The device can be connected to any PC with a standard USB cable. The USB cable powers the reader and is used for data transfer. With the included software package (for Windows XP or higher) you can read, write and delete all compatible transponders. The additional programming library (.NET DLL) enables you to integrate this hardware into your own programs quickly and without having to deal with the low-level protocol.  
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