metraTec DeskID MIFARE® USB Reader/Writer

metraTec DeskID MIFARE® USB Reader/Writer

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metraTec DeskID MIFARE® USB Reader/Writer
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The DeskID MIFARE® is an especially compact HF RFID reader and writer for office RFID applications. Typical scenarios for using the DeskID MIFARE® are customer management applications (e.g. in the gym), configuring of door access systems or customer cards based on the common MIFARE® protocol by Philips / NXP. The low profile, beautiful housing looks great on any desktop and enables every PC user to read and write RFID tags and cards that work according to the MIFARE® standard (as long as they are not protected by passwords). Reading range is approximately 5-7 cm. The device is connected to the computer via USB and is also USB powered.  
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