metraTec Echo-8P UHF Antenna

metraTec Echo-8P UHF Antenna

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metraTec Echo-8P UHF Antenna
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The Echo-8P is one of the smallest circularly polarized UHF (at 868 MHz) RFID antennas on the market today. With approx. 8 dBic antenna gain and an angular width of around 60° the antenna can be powered with up to 2 W ERP in Europe. This allows reading tags at distances of up to 7 m. The housing size is only 90 mm x 300 mm x 20 mm (approx. 3.5" x 11.8" x 0.8") not counting the SMA socket at the bottom. The housing is made from POM (polyoxymethylene) which has excellent mechanical properties and is resistant to many chemicals. The antenna can be mounted directly to a wall using the two mounting holes. Alternatively, a wall bracket is available for increased flexibility in adjusting antenna alignment  
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