metraTec Echo-N UHF Nearfield Antenna

metraTec Echo-N UHF Nearfield Antenna

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metraTec Echo-N UHF Nearfield Antenna
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The Echo-N is a true UHF RFID nearfield antenna for the European frequency range at 868 MHz. The antenna has no real farfield which minimizes false reads due to unplanned reflections. Even when operating several systems in the vicinity of each other disturbances are minimal. The dimensions of the compact housing are 102 x 85 x 25 mm (plus antenna connector at the bottom). This antenna uses a robust R-TNC connector. The standard housing is IP54, a IP65 (water and dust proof) is also available. In the back the housing is closed by a solid aluminum plane which shields the antenna against unwanted influences from the surrounding environment. The plane has riveted threads which can be used to mount the antenna with the matching mount. Features:  
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