metraTec hfMux-4-MP RFID Multiplexer

metraTec hfMux-4-MP RFID Multiplexer

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metraTec hfMux-4-MP RFID Multiplexer
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Код: hfMux-4-MP
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The metraTec hfMux-4 is an RFID multiplexer for HF systems ope - rating at 13.56 MHz with a maximum RF power of 2 W (in the -MP version) or 4 W (in the -HP version). It allows connecting up to four antennas to a single RFID reader. This reduces setup complexity and cost significantly in cases in which multiple reading locations are needed as only one reader is required which has to be con - trolled. The device operates with different readers and antennas of all manufacturers. Due to its optically isolated 24 V DC inputs it can also be operated directly out of a PLC. Applications    
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