metraTec hfMux-8-HP RFID-Multiplexer

metraTec hfMux-8-HP RFID-Multiplexer

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metraTec hfMux-8-HP RFID-Multiplexer
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Код: hfMux-8-HP
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The metraTec hfMux-8 is an RFID multiplexer for HF systems operating at 13.56 MHz with a maximum RF power of 2 W (in the -MP version) or 4 W (in the -HP version). It allows connecting up to eight antennas to a single RFID reader. This reduces setup complexity and cost significantly in cases in which multiple reading locations are needed as only one reader is required which has to be controlled. The device operates with different readers and antennas of all manufacturers. Due to its optically isolated 24 V DC inputs it can also be operated directly out of a PLC. Applications  
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