metraTec hyperMux4 UHF Multiplexer

metraTec hyperMux4 UHF Multiplexer

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metraTec hyperMux4 UHF Multiplexer
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Код: hyperMux4 UHF
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The metraTec hyperMux-4 is an RFID multiplexer for UHF systems with an operating frequency of 868 MHz and 915 MHz, as well as higher frequencies such as 2.4 GHz. It allows connecting up to four antennas to a single antenna port. This reduces system complexity and setup costs in cases where many antennas are needed and also lowers hardware system costs as the number of readers needed decreases. The device works irrespective of the manufacturer of the antennas and readers used. Furthermore, the multiplexer has a very small size and a minimal power consumption which enables mobile operation. Due to the broad frequency range covered by the hyperMux–4 it can be used in UHF systems worldwide. As of today it is already compatible with future RFID systems working at 2.4 GHz making it truely future proof.  
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