Tagsys Ario 370S-DM Tag - 100 tags

Tagsys Ario 370S-DM Tag - 100 tags

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Tagsys Ario 370S-DM Tag - 100 tags
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Код: TM370E06
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TAGSYS rugged high frequency (HF) Ario™ tags are specifically designed for industrial applications that require RFID tags that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. The Ario product line is designed to withstand stringent environmental conditions. They are robust enough to be embedded, encapsulated, injected into, or affixed directly onto products that are subjected to extreme processes. Utilizing a patented antenna manufacturing process, the Ario product line encompasses some of the smallest size tags available for item-level track and trace applications. This product is sold in packs of 100 pcs. Smaller quantities are available. Price on application. Please contact us. Discounts are available on large order quantities. Please contact us for further information.   Technical Specification:  
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