TSS Desktop UHF RFID reader

TSS Desktop UHF RFID reader

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TSS Desktop UHF RFID reader
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Код: DUR120
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DUR 120 is a desktop reader that allows the easiest way of integration of RFID technology into everyday use. The reader is powered and controlled directly by an USB interface, thus allowing reading EPC Class 1 Gen2 UHF RFID tags. DUR 120 has an integrated circular polarized ceramic antenna for short to medium range applications. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and variable mounting the reader is a perfect choice for various applications. This reader is ideal for USB desktop applications, in which high performance and advanced functionality is desired. DUR 120 reader is provided by demonstration and evaluation software - TSSTagger, also by keyboard emulation software TSSKBridge and API with code examples in C++, C#, Visual Basic and of course online technical support every working day. All included. Here is a short video demonstration of this product: Features: Technical Specification:  
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